Velvet-purple Coronet - Boissonneaua jardiniSparkling Violetear - Colibri coruscansVelvet-purple Coronet - Boissonneaua jardiniWestern Emerald - Chlorostilbon melanorhynchusGolden-chested Tanager - Bangsia rothschildiGilded Barbet - Capito auratusParadise Tanager - Tangara chilensisNapo Sabrewing - Campylopterus villaviscensioRufous-crowned Antpitta - Pittasoma rufopileatumRufous-banded Owl - Strix albitarsisSpangled Coquette - Lophornis stictolophusGreen Thorntail - Popelairia conversiiWhite-necked Jacobin - Florisuga mellivoraBlack-chinned Mountain-Tanager - Anisgonathus notabilisOcellated Tapaculo - Acropternis orthonyxScaled Antpitta - Grallaria guatemalensisBand-tailed Barbthroat - Threnetes ruckeriChoco Trogon - Trogon comptusCrimson-rumped Toucanet - Aulacorhynchus haematopygusVelvet-purple Coronet - Boissonneaua jardini

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S. Murphy(non-registered)
Your pictures are absolutely stunning, Luke! We loved them all. You're a fantastic photographer. Thanks for sharing help us remember how beautiful the birds truly are. susan
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